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Comann nam Parant Port Righ (CnamPP)

Comann nam Parant Port Righ (CnamPP) 


The submission:

CnamPP propose to set up a Gaelic speaking youth club, in Portree, for pupils in primaries 5-7. A youth club running from 6-9pm (for example) would provide this safe place for youngsters to socialise as Portree has become large enough that parents do not always feel safe allowing their children to do so unaccompanied. It is anticipated that the youth club will initially be open to pupils of Bun Sgoil Gaidhlig Phort Righ but that it will be opened up to other Gaelic Medium schools in the north of Skye after an initial 6 month pilot phase.

Why were they chosen?

A lack of youth club provision in the Portree area means that there is no place for youngsters to safely go, which is an issue, particularly in the winter, when the nights are dark.

Comann nam Parant Port Righ with Donald Beaton Uig Port Manager

Comann nam Parant Port Righ with Donald Beaton Port Manager at Uig


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