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Community Investment

Staffin Youth Club   


The submission:

The new club will offer local children and young people a regular place to meet, join in activities and an opportunity to become involved in planning new and additional activities and interests. The benefits, difference and outcomes for children and young people will include:

  • New interests and hobbies

  • Develop learning and skills

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem

  • Positive relationships and friendships

  • Opportunities to plan new activities

  • Planning, decision making and negotiation skills

  • Opportunities to gain awards and recognition for volunteering

  • Opportunities for young people to act as youth workers with children

  • Opportunities to experience urban life

  • Opportunities to travel

  • Fun

Why were they chosen?

There has not been a community-based youth club in Staffin for around 15 years. Our young people either have to travel up to 20 miles to Portree for activities or do without any local services or support. 

Staffin Youth Club with Donald Beaton Uig Port Manager

Staffin Youth Club with Donald Beaton Port Manager Uig

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