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Staffin Youth Club   

An award from the CalMac Community Fund transformed the lives of 35 children and young people living in the Trotternish Peninsula in Skye. Staffin Youth Club have successfully created and developed a Friday night youth club in a fun and safe environment for young people living in the community.

The award allowed the youth club to purchase much needed equipment to allow play and activities. Play allows children to experience and make sense of their world, to challenge themselves, practise skills and manage their emotions, interact with others or enjoy time alone. Living in rural areas presents a number of challenges for young people to meet and socialise and the social benefits particulary in the winter months are crucial to the young participants well being.

Working towards the youth clubs sustainability - in partnership with Skye Youth Development -a number of the senior participants were encouraged to become young leaders and work towards attaining the Saltire award for volunteering.

Staffin Youth Club with Donald Beaton Uig Port Manager

Staffin Youth Club with Donald Beaton Port Manager Uig

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