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CV & LGV Block Bookings Terms & Conditions

CV & LGV Block Bookings Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

The following conditions apply to the acceptance of CV and LGV Block Bookings made in respect of regular journeys on vessels in the service of CalMac Ferries Limited (CFL)

  1. Block Bookings will be made by arrangement with local Management representing CFL to meet the Customer's requirements so far as is reasonably practicable.CFL will not guarantee that all Block Bookings requested by a Customer will be met if CFL takes the view that the Customer has overstated their requirements.
  2. Block Bookings will be valid for the duration of a CFL timetable period only, and will, (subject to the cancellation arrangements set out in condition 4), be subject to review at any time by the Customer or CFL.
  3. Should port records indicate that Block Bookings are not being fully utilised by any Customer, CFL reserve the right to reduce such bookings made by that Customer to a level compatible with the actual take-up of bookings.
  4. The Customer may cancel any or all of its Block Bookings, provided that such cancellation is submitted by e-mail to CFL at least24hours prior to the scheduled departure time for the crossing for which the booking is made. Failure by the Customer to provide this notification will result in a review of all bookings by CFL
  5. For the avoidance of doubt, failure to advise CFL that a Block Booking is not required - resulting in a 'No Show' -  will result in the cancellation of all future Block Bookings for the particular sailing involving the 'No Show'.It is the Customers sole responsibility to inform CFL of any amendments to bookings including but not limited to changes to travel times or size of vehicles booked.
  6. Customers that Block Book space and who have a credit facility with CFL, may have the credit facility withdrawn in the event that they fail to comply with the terms detailed in Clause 4
  7. Latest check in times, as shown in each CFL timetable, must be strictly adhered to. Late check-in may lead to the
  8. vehicle being refused carriage and recorded as a 'No Show'.
  9. Where it is permitted for a vehicle to travel unaccompanied by arrangement with the Port Manager, the Customer must ensure that a properly qualified driver is available at the ports of departure and arrival, as well as at an intermediate port if necessary, to load and off-load the vehicle. CFL reserve the right to withdraw the unaccompanied concession as a result of a failure to comply with these conditions and to hold the Customer responsible for any costs incurred.
  10. All vehicles in excess of 3.5 tonnes GVM must be fitted with lashing points in compliance with the Dept. of Transport's "Ro/Ro Ships - Stowage and Securing of Vehicles - Code of Practice", and must produce a written declaration of the Gross Vehicle Weight and description of load at time of shipment.
  11. Vehicles carrying Dangerous Goods (as defined by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) will only be carried by prior arrangement and must be declared at the port of departure at least 24hrs prior to the scheduled departure time of the vessel on which the booking is made. All vehicles carrying Dangerous Goods, are required to be accompanied by a Dangerous Goods note for inspection on arrival at the port.


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