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Awards: Southern Hebrides, Kintyre and Firth of Clyde

We are delighted to announce 20 awards to groups in the Southern Hebrides, Kintyre and Firth of Clyde, including:  

Campbeltown Picture House 

Campbeltown Picture House owns and manages a key community facility, which includes a cinema. Through the facility, they deliver a range of activities including workshops, screenings, cafe, employment training, and volunteering opportunities. Their activities offer opportunities for all ages of the community, including children & young people and the wider community. Their 'Cans Film Festival', supported by the CalMac Community Fund, will deliver 4 screenings of a range of films aimed at different ages. Participants will be asked to bring an item of tinned food (a 'can') instead of payment for the screening. All foodstuffs will be donated to the local food bank, which has seen an increased and ongoing demand, and support the food bank through February which is a period that typically sees reduced donations. The festival will afford individuals and families who may not necessarily access the film house to access screenings and enjoy opportunities to connect with others, create memories to discuss, whilst also supporting individuals facing food insecurity. 

Islay and Jura Community Enterprises Ltd 

Islay and Jura Community Enterprises serves the remote rural islands of Islay and Jura and manages the Mactaggart Leisure Centre. The CalMac Community Fund will offer support towards the group providing pool therapy sessions for children with additional needs. This will include liaison time with parents, 35 pool sessions, and training for staff and volunteers. They expect the sessions will support 15 children with additional special needs. Lockdown restrictions also resulted in children with additional special needs not being able to get out, reduced social contact, and reduced levels of physical activity, resulting in worsened mental health, and reduced fitness levels. Parents are reporting children are becoming frustrated with not being able to do the things they used to, and in some cases, this is causing behavioral problems. These swimming sessions are therefore an important opportunity for these families to get a sense of normality, get out the house, and take part in physical activity. 

Tarbert Soup Group 

Tarbert Soup Group's primary aim is to provide recreational activities for members of the local community. The flagship activity of the organisation is a bi-weekly lunch club which enables elderly residents to come together to enjoy freshly prepared food and engage in discussion, games, sponsored talks etc. CalMac will enable Tarbert Soup Group to continue to operate their weekly lunch club for older people living in Tarbert and the wider rural area of Argyll and Bute for a period of 12 months. The project will seek to engage with over 30 participants aged between 60-95. It is hoped that the initiative will assist the community in its recovery from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, encourage mental and physical wellbeing and re-establish social links within the village. 

Islay and Jura Community Piping and Drumming Club 

Islay and Jura Community Pipe and Drumming Club provide piping and drumming tuition throughout Islay. Tuition is available to those aged nine and upwards on chanter, pipes and drums and all abilities and levels are catered for. They promote teamwork, confidence-building, discipline, fun and friendship. Covid impacted the Club with all events being cancelled and a subsequent loss of members. The CalMac Community Fund will help the group restart, reinvest in resources and thrive. 

Bruichladdich Hall Committee 

Bruichladdich Hall Committee who maintain the hall for the local community, and the Isle of Islay in general. Currently the hall hosts Zumba, Pilates, table tennis, and an arts and craft market in the hall weekly. The hall has fallen into disrepair and in order to restart requires invest in furnishings. In so doing, the hall will be safer, more usable, and provide a more pleasant experience to all who visit. In turn, the activities hosted at the hall can have continued benefit to its beneficiaries. 

St Peter's Children's Centre 

St Peters Children's Centre (SPCC) are a registered charity, registered since 2004. They provide a parent/carer and toddler group for families with children under three years. The group promotes adult and child interaction through various activities and experiences which are run by staff qualified in childcare, allows the families to build social connections, and supports child development. The CalMac Community Fund will allow them re-start their baby sensory classes post-pandemic. The target population is families with children 0 to 3 years in Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston. The area is one of relatively high levels of poverty, unemployment, and poor health. Community resources such as this supporting families with young children and free to use are therefore especially valuable, as families may not be able to afford alternative provision. 

Man On! Inverclyde 

Man On! Inverclyde provides peer support and education on mental health and suicide prevention primarily in men and youths. Currently their members range in age from 15 up to 85 years of age and recently they have also established a support group for women. CalMac's Community Fund will enable the group to start 2 additional Football Therapy Sessions per week for 24 weeks to increase their existing provision. The support provided at the sessions will be tailored, some participants may join just for an informal chat with their peers, others may need more formal support. This will be flexible depending on the need each session.  

1st Gourock Scout Group 

1st Gourock 6th Greenock & District Scout Group aims to promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual potential, as individuals and responsible citizens. Their project will deliver safe water-based activities, supporting young people to access activities not normally open to them, and respect for open water. This meets the needs of the young people, supporting opportunities to learn new skills, socialise and build resilience. The CalMac Community Fund will them to increase provision to meet demand. Activities help young people develop social skills as well as increase physical activity and is especially important following the pandemic. 

Age Concern Largs 

A.D. Cameron Centre, operating as Age Concern Largs, are a local community grassroots charity, serving Largs and the neighbouring communities. They offer activities that support accessibility, reducing isolation and supporting connection among over 60s. The CalMac Community Fund will support improved accessibility in the outdoors area within the centre. The outside area also affords increased comfort to those members who are concerned about covid. The provision will support continued opportunities for increased socialisation, connection and reduction in isolation, supporting improved well-being, especially for those nervous to return to indoor settings. Over 150 people will directly benefit from this project. 

Arran Community & Voluntary Service 

Arran Community and Voluntary Service work with emerging and established community groups to ensure that local needs are met on Arran. The Umbrella Group is a group who previously met prior to the pandemic. The group is made up of people with disabilities, low level mental health issues, people who are socially isolated, and some living in poverty. The volunteers who run the group programme run simple craft activities for each session, ranging from making cards and painting to jewelry making. The volunteers help groups members to connect socially. Several participants and volunteer friendships have arisen from the group. The CalMac Community Fund will enable this group to resume. 

Largs Station Community Garden 

Largs Station Community Garden have converted a disused rail track in Largs into a vibrant community garden. The group's main work is the upkeep of their two gardens, which the CalMac Community Fund will support, and engaging with the community. The group has around 50 volunteers who are the beneficiaries of the project. Volunteers gain a sense of community and achievement, those who do not have a garden have a chance to take part, and many gain a sense of fulfilment through participation. Volunteers enjoy the social aspect of the group, and they state that their bereaved volunteers especially enjoy purposeful activity and company. Others with physical, mental health or emotional needs find that these are met by working outdoors and enjoying community conviviality. 

Rise Against Abuse Community Interest Company 

Rise Against Abuse support men, women and children who have experienced or are perpetrators of abuse. The CalMac Community Fund will allow them to deliver the Freedom Programme to men, women and teenagers who have experienced domestic abuse. The project will run for 12 weeks from January 2022. The aim is to help individuals to make sense of what has happened to them and to understand manipulation, feelings of guilt, shame and to make informed choices. They expect 50 people to benefit from this project. 

Achievement Bute 

Achievement Bute are a families-led organisation providing a range of inclusive children's' activities and support for the families of children with disabilities on the Isle of Bute, including arts and heritage projects, an after-school club, a youth club, outdoor activities, trips to the mainland, and holiday activities. Their project, supported by CalMac's Community Fund, will provide evening and weekend audio/digital activities for young people, particularly those with disabilities. It will provide a range of opportunities for young people to have positive social interactions to reduce their isolation and give them structured activities to do outside of school. Forty young people will benefit throughout the year. Young people will have more opportunities to socialise doing activities they enjoy in a safe environment outside of school with their peers. As a result, not only will they gain specific skills in digital music-making, but they will be less isolated, experience more positive social interaction, increase their self-confidence, and have improved mental health and wellbeing. 

Lyle Gateway 

Lyle Gateway addresses loneliness and isolation among those living in Inverclyde. They operate a community cafe‚ which is attended by around 115 people per week. The CalMac Community Fund will help develop an outdoor cooking and eating space in their new community garden where they deliver healthy eating cooking classes for families, grow and cook sessions, cooking for beginners and intergenerational cooking events. Their project aims to improve physical and mental health, promote community cohesion, reduce isolation, and provide learning opportunities. 

Riverside Youth Band 

Riverside Youth Band provide free to access opportunities to young people from across Inverclyde to make music together to a high level in a safe, welcoming environment, regardless of their background. The CalMac Community Fund will help enable more children from across Inverclyde to begin learning music through taking part in the newly established Riverside Rookies tier of the Band. Young people will develop transferrable skills including memory skills, self-discipline, coordination, improved maths and improved communication and confidence. 

Cowal and Bute Play Therapy 

Cowal and Bute Play Therapy offer therapeutic services to children and their families, including adoptive parents, foster parents and kinships carers in Dunoon and across Cowal and Bute. their aims are to promote the positive mental health and well-being of children, particularly those impacted by anxiety, adverse experiences, developmental trauma, and/or experiencing additional needs. They work in a range of schools and community spaces using mediums including play therapy, Attachment Focused Family Therapy and mental health and well-being education in schools. The CalMac Community Fund will support the group with resources to invest in their facility ensuring a welcoming and useable space for visiting families. 

Kilmory Primary School Parent Council 

Kilmory Primary School Parent Councils purpose is to fundraise to support specific needs and desired outcomes of the school children. They work in collaboration with the school to complement the experiences and opportunities that the children are given. CalMac's Community Fund will enable to whole school to take part in swimming lessons. The award will enable the children who participate to become confident, safe swimmers who can take improved responsibility when in and around bodies of water. 

Firth of Clyde Coastal Rowing Club 

Based in Largs the club's membership has increased by 50% post-lockdown, to respond to the increased demand the group require additional resources which the CalMac Community Fund will support. There are pockets of deprivation in Largs and some of the surrounding areas rank in the top 10% of Scotland's most deprived data zones and ranking low on the geographic access domain. The project will make a difference to the reach of the club in the local area, and funding for new kit and to cover some of the regatta costs will make the sport more accessible, regardless of members' income. 

Fyne Futures 

Based in Rothesay, Fyne Futures provide low carbon goods and services across Argyll & Bute. To achieve this, they offer volunteer and wage-based opportunities to support local people to engage in environmentally friendly activities. This includes a volunteer programme with three themes: making things last; edible horticulture; and cookery and food sharing - as well as a wage-based programme focused on horticulture and furniture re-use. By offering opportunities such as this, they hope to provide tangible learning and upskilling opportunities for local people, ultimately helping them into further training or employment. Their project, supported by the CalMac Community Fund, will focus on upskilling members of staff, and the development of product templates. This will allow Fyne Futures to run a series of workshops based around raising awareness of using waste as resource. Workshops will involve using simple templates to repurpose waste materials into basic household items such as clocks, candle holders, lamps, and frames. From this, they hope beneficiaries will experience increased social interaction, improving their mental health and wellbeing, as well as learning basic product design skills and the value of repurposing items. 

Isle of Arran Music School 

Isle of Arran Music School provides musical opportunities for the young people. They offer access for young people to engage in traditional music, which is complementary and supplementary from statutory provisions. CalMac's Community Fund will enable the group to invest in new equipment. Isle of Arran Music School recognises the challenges faced by some of the young people and supports building confidence, connection, reducing social isolation, and positive well-being through music. By providing highly skilled music tuition they support young people to develop and build their skills, as well as offering opportunities for some which may not be open to. However, they also recognise some young people who may reside in family homes who could afford access to private music tuition. It is well recognised the positive impact music can have on people including building confidence, self-efficacy, and that playing music supports lowering stress and improves mood.  

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