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Community Board and Investment


Your organisation can apply if:

  • you are not for profit and registered to an island or port town we serve; you can see our port towns here.
  • you have a governing document or constitution
  • you have an independent bank account
  • you have two or more unrelated board members
  • you have an open membership
  • you have two signatories
  • you will spend and report on an award within twelve months
  • your services will tackle social isolation, mental health, loneliness and or poverty
  • your services have a clear positive impact on your community

We will not support:

  • anything you have spent money on before we make an award offer - we will make award offers in February 2021.
  • the advancement of religious or political agendas
  • repayments of loans or debts
  • third party giving organisations
  • subsidised travel only
  • private or public sector organisations

Organisations that have previously applied to the CalMac Community Fund and been successful or unsuccessful are welcome to apply again.

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