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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my project need to be a new project?

A: No, we will consider supporting existing projects to grow or develop.

Q: My organisation is based in a main land town that CalMac does not serve, can I apply?

A: Unfortunately not, the CalMac Community Fund supports organisations registered in islands and main land port towns we serve; you can see our main land port towns in the following link: For example, in Inverclyde we will support organisations registered to Gourock and Wemyss Bay. In North Ayrshire we will support organisations registered in Largs and Ardrossan.

You can check what funding your organisation is eligible for by visiting

Q: My organisation is not a charity, can I apply?

A: We will consider applications from non-profit organisations if you meet our eligibility, please visit the following link: Eligibility

Q: I only want support for ferry travel.

A: We will not fund ferry travel in isolation, if your projects work or activities involves traveling on our network you may use the CalMac Community Fund to cover these costs.

Q: What can I spend the award on?

A: You can spend the award on any reasonable items that ensure the delivery of your project or service.

Q. My organisation plans to work in partnership with another organisation in a different area, is this allowed?

A. Yes. However, the lead organisation is responsible for delivering the project and adhering to the governance of the Terms of Award document.

Q. My organisation hopes to apply for capital works, can I apply?

A. We will prioritise applications that directly engages with people living in social isolation; with mental health issues, loneliness and or poverty.

If your service tackles these social issues you can apply for a capital award that will allow you to deliver or grow the service. However, if you are planning works to premises or land you mustown the land or building, and you cannot apply on behalf of an ineligible organisation like a school, private company or an organisation registered out with our eligibility criteria. You must not be dependant on gap funding and you must spend the award within 12 months of the award being made.

Q. Is there an opportunity to apply for more than £2,000?

A. No.

Q. Is there any criteria on the size of organisation that can apply (no. of employees, turnover etc.)?

A. No.

Q. Can we spend an award on items we have already purchased?

A. No, you cannot use an award to pay for anything you have already purchased. You will be asked to evidence your spend which must be from the date we make you an award offer and spent within 12 months.

Q. Our organisation received an award from the CalMac Community Fund last year, can we reapply?

A. Yes, but we will not support the same work twice.

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