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Support  Application Guidelines

CalMac wish to support a wide range of event, activities and organisations including supporting local communities along the west coast islands and destinations where we operate.

We support events within our network in many ways such as social media promotion, travel, and Marketing.

Our application criteria includes events and activities:

  • that promote destinations served by the CalMac network,

  • will directly benefit the community,

  • which specifically attract visitors to the destination, and

  • exclude sponsorship of Sports clubs and organisations

Caledonian MacBrayne receives an Operating Grant from the Scottish Government to assist with the running of lifeline ferry services to the Clyde and Hebridean islands. As we report to Transport Scotland we also have a responsibility to ensure appropriate use of public funding. As we receive a large number of requests and our responsibility and commitment to ensure appropriate use of public funding, we are unable to help with all requests. Unfortunately we are unable to offer support in the form of a cash donation.

It is important that you plan ahead and allow plenty of time between submitting your support application and the date of your planned event or activity. We are not able to accept last minute request with less than 4 weeks' notice from the date of application. For most applications we advise a minimum of 8 weeks' notice and for larger event such as festivals a minimum of 12 weeks from the time of application.

All applications will be reviewed by the CalMac support committee on a monthly basis; where possible you will receive a response to your request within 28 days of submitting your application. 

We can only provide support once in a calendar year to any individual club, charity or organisation.

To apply for our support please click on Support Request Form link below

Support Request Form



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