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CalMac Ferries: Socio-Economic Impact Report

In January 2020, CalMac commissioned Cebr to undertake a socio-economic assessment of CalMac's services and their impact on local communities. ‚ÄčThe study was postponed when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, as results would not be representative of 'normal' times. ‚ÄčAs the pandemic wore on and its impacts became entrenched, CalMac asked Cebr to consider options for delivering the study with an initial phase completing by the end of 2021 and delivery of the final project report in summer 2022. We are now in a position to share the first phase of the report with you. We hope you find phase one of this work informative and will provide you with an update on phase two in due course.

Robbie Drummond, Managing Director, CalMac Ferries Ltd said:

"CalMac commissioned this Socio-Economic report in partnership with the Ferries Communities Board to support how we collectively build services in the future. We welcome the first phase of work and look forward to the quantitative analysis in phase two. We are happy to share the findings with interested stakeholders and stakeholders are welcome to share the report with any interested parties." 

Angus Campbell, Chairperson, Ferries Community Board said:

"The Ferries Community Board welcome the publication of phase 1 of the Socio-Economic report. The board feel it is crucially important to have an independent piece of work that clearly demonstrates the importance of our Ferry services to Island life.

That includes factors that affect people's life choices, population and demographics but also availability of services such as health, education and employment. We look forward to the final stage of work and the further gathering of information across our communities to help make the case for further investment in Ferry infrastructure to the benefit of our island communities and the country as a whole."

We expect to receive phase 2 in summer 2022.

Download the socio-economic impact of CalMac ferry services: Phase 1 Qualitative Assessment [1MB]

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