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Why will your capacity be constrained going forward?

We are implementing Scottish Government and Transport Scotland travel and transport guidelines. These rules - which include physical distancing requirements - will control the number of passengers we can carry on a sailing. 

We'll also be carrying out enhanced hygiene measures during and between every sailing.

This means that our capacity per vessel will continue to be constrained. Covid-19 has changed day to day life and as we all work together to manage the ongoing risk, safety will come first.

When our bookings reopen each day, there are customer reservations already in the system, which were made before our bookings closed earlier this year. This, together with the implementation of the latest physical distancing guidelines means we still have less capacity than we would have in 'normal' circumstances.

Changes to physical distancing - Update 9 July 2020

The Scottish Government has today provided an update on physical distancing. Two metres will be retained as the default physical distancing requirement in Scotland - however from 10 July, some areas of public transport can move to a 1m rule where strict conditions and mitigations are in place.

We have assessed the effect of a reduction in social distancing to 1m on our vessels. We have incorporated this into our fleet capacity in line with official guidelines.

Moving to 1m is a significant change and will result in more capacity being released across our network - however, things won't go back to 'normal'. Although the number of passengers we can carry will increase, the capacity per vessel will still be limited.


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