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Changes to Service Status

As a result of customer feedback, our service status system is changing to give clearer information whenever services are, or might become, disrupted.

What is changing?

We have added a new yellow status to our existing traffic light system.  This will be used to inform customers when there is a heightened possibility of disruption, for example when stormy weather is forecast. The amber status will now only be used if services do become disrupted. The way that green and red are used will remain unchanged.

Why are changes taking place?

Customers told us that in the previous three-level system, the amber status covered too broad a range of possibilities. This made it difficult to see at a glance whether services were running or disrupted. You also told us that if services become disrupted, you need more details and more frequent updates. By breaking down the situations that would previously have been classed as amber into two categories, we can make the distinction between services that are actually disrupted, and those that may become disrupted.

What does each colour mean?

Below is a summary of the situations that would most commonly appear under each status.

Service status icons

normal icon green 

Services on this route are running normally without disruption.

Be Aware Yellow icon 

Services on this route are currently running normally, however there is a heightened possibility of disruption. Be aware and keep checking our website for the latest information.

maybe affected icon amber

Partial disruption to service. One or more sailings on this route are cancelled, delayed, or diverted to another port. Or a temporary timetable is in place, for example to take advantage of a break in the weather or as a result of tidal changes.

cancelled icon red

All sailings on this route are cancelled for the rest of the day.

Grey icon Information

This can be used in conjunction with any of the service status colours, and will be used to update customers with any information that may affect their journey to and from ports, including local travel, road or harbour works updates. This may also be used to inform customers of service information such as reminders of tidal changes notified in our timetable, or extra sailings added to meet demand during local events.



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