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Lussa Gin

Lussa Gin is an expression of the landscape on the Isle of Jura off Scotland's wild west coast.

From the wilderness of Jura

Lussa Gin, Isle of Jura

Lussa Gin on a sandy beach

From the wilderness of Jura

Lussa Gin is named after the Lussa Glen in which we live. In the summer of 2015 we began distilling in a kitchen with a 10 litre still called 'Jim.'

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You'll find the delicious Lussa Gin on board our Kennacraig - Islay route. 

About Lussa Gin

Nestled on the neighbouring island of Jura is Lussa Gin, which came to life just 5 years ago following a chance conversation between three islanders - Alicia MacInnes, Claire Fletcher and Georgina Kitching.

The gin is produced using local botanicals that are grown, gathered and distilled on Jura, and Alicia, Claire and Georgina all agree that the making of the gin, on the island's tough terrain and in its weather conditions is their 'labour of Lussa'.

Jura itself is a special place - accessible by sea (or air), and home to around 200 people, 6,000 red deer, otters, eagles, and an abundant array of flora and fauna. The distillery is situated along a single track road at Ardlussa - 25 miles from the ferry - and as the team say, the magic begins with the place, which they all share a love of. Their other love is growing things, everything that is in the bottle is being grown on the island. Ingredients are gathered by hand from hills, glens, woods and seas, before they and the clear spring water meet Jim - the team's handcrafted copper still.

Together, Alicia, Claire and Georgina harnessed their skills and their love of their home to create Lussa Gin. If you visit the island and you're over 8 years old, you can tour the distillery and meet the team (pre-booking required), Monday to Friday 11.30am and 2.30pm. You can also buy Lussa Gin aboard CalMac Vessels, on the island and online.

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