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Advance Standby FAQs 


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Advance Standby: We have amended the existing '*Waitlist' service and only those who meet the designated criteria may join the 'Standby' queue, and we will then take payment.  Advance Standby is available until 12 hours before travel.  We will provide a full refund if it isn't confirmed. 

Standby: A customer turns up on the day of travel and may join the 'Standby' queue if they don't have a pre-booked ticket.  Subject to deck space availability, this is a first come, first served service.  Therefore, we are not proposing any changes to the existing Standby process.

*Waitlist: a customer was able to join if deck space becomes wholly utilised.  Customer would then progress on the list if a booking is cancelled or amended, freeing space.  We would then only take payment once space becomes available and the customer accepts. The waitlist remained open until the day before travel, with all unconfirmed waitlists cancelled on the day of travel. *This process is no longer in place and has been replaced by 'Advance Standby'.

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