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What is the Urgent Medical Appointment Protocol?

The Urgent Medical Appointment Protocol supports customers by ensuring they can attend urgent NHS medical appointments, even when they are unable to book a car on the required sailing.

In the event you need to travel for a medical appointment with three weeks' notice or less, or you are being discharged from hospital and returning home, and are unable to book a vehicle, please contact the Customer Engagement Centre on 0800 066 5000.

If the requested sailing is full for vehicles and there are no alternative sailings, customers will be supported to book as a foot passenger. Customers will then have to arrange their own transport from the ferry terminal to the NHS location, and then back to the ferry terminal. Customers need to pay for the taxi and keep their receipts but they will be able to claim this cost back from Caledonian MacBrayne. If they are returning from hospital after being discharged, customers will arrange their own transport from the ferry terminal to their home.

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