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Coffee Cabin

Coffee & Teas

CalMac Cappuccino

Available from the on board Coffee Cabin

Coffee & Teas

Browse our wide selection of locally sourced teas, coffees and grab-and-go snacks that can be bought in one of our on board Coffee Cabins.

Food Allergies

Speak to a member of our crew on board the ferry if you want to know more about the ingredients used or to discuss any specific requirements you may have.






Flat White


Speciality Tea





Espresso topped with smooth steamed milk finished with a dusting of chocolate



A short shot of our intensely flavoursome & rich coffee


Hot Chocolate



Espresso topped with smooth steamed milk



A blend of Espresso and Hot Chocolate topped with velvety steamed milk


Diffuser Tea Pot

Choose from our onboard selection
of Red Box tea served in a diffuser
tea pot:

  • Elegant British Breakfast Tea
  • Earl Grey Blue Flower
  • Lemongrass, Papaya & Ginger
  • Hibiscus, Rose & Apple Infusion
  • Proper Peppermint




Cakes & Snacks

Cobbs Bakery

selection of confectionery

Cakes & Snacks

Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenic views with a hot drink and a hand baked treat.



Cake Slices

Treat yourself to a hand baked cake slice.

from £1.80


Grab a fresh and delicious Muffin to enjoy along side your coffee or cup of tea.

from £1.85



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