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#Isleathon - An island challenge like no other


How many Scottish isles can you visit in one weekend?

Caledonian MacBrayne have teamed up with the Scotlanders , a collaboration of the leading Scottish Travel Bloggers, to introduce the first ever Isleathon.

The Isleathon will take place from Friday 5 September to Monday 7 September and involve the isles of Skye, Muck, Bute, Arran, Islay & Jura, Gigha, Islay & Jura, Canna, Mull, Barra and Colonsay.

This challenge has never before been attempted, the team will set out to reach as many islands as they can in one long weekend. 

The Scotlanders brave enough to take on this mighty challenge are Dougie Baird , Kay Gillespie , Neil Robertson , Susanne Arbuckle and Nicola Holland . The Scotlanders will also be accompanied by a couple of CalMac's own, who will also be taking on the adventure for the weekend.

To keep up to date with the event and watch the challenge unfold, follow CalMac on CalMac Twitter and CalMac Facebook or search for #Isleathon. The Scotlanders will share the destinations they reach, the activities they get up to and the famous Scottish sites they see. Then it is up to you, are you up to the challenge? Join us for the #Isleathon or attempt your own, don't forget to share your adventures through CalMac Twitter and CalMac Facebook with us. 

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