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A guide to managing your service status text subscription online

A guide to managing your service status text subscription online

Manage your service status text subscriptions on the CalMac website. 

Customers can subscribe, unsubscribe and edit their disruptions, you can also subscribe for any duration up to 6 months using our online text subscription service. 

Please note: For the latest service information for your chosen route, please view our service status pages. After subscribing to the route below, any new service information for the route will then be sent to your chosen mobile number.

How do I login? 

Here is a step by step guide on how to use this service.

1. First enter your mobile number  

2. Tick the ReCaptcha box

3. Then click Login 

Screenshot login screen

4. Now wait about 30-60 seconds and you will receive a 6 digit pin to your mobile

5. Next enter that pin

6. Click Verify 

Screenshot to enter pin

7. You are now logged in!

Screenshot View Subscriptions


How do I add a new route? 

1. Simply click the Add route button

2. Select a Route

3. Pick a Start date

4. Pick an End date

5. Click Save

Screenshot add route


Can I change my existing subscriptions?

To edit a subscription click the Pencil  Pencil icon

To delete a subscription click the Waste basket  Waste basket icon


I'm done, what now?

When you are done, just click  I'm done


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