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Oscar The Ferry Cat Books Giveaway

A Paw-fect Giveaway


Oscar the ferry cat book front cover

Based on the true story of author Molly Arbuthnott, having lost her family Siamese cat on a Caledonian McBrayne Ferry. She imagined her beloved pet went off on an adventure as a positive and hopeful way to cope with her sadness, and the stories have grown from there.

Molly uses experiences from life as inspiration for her writing. Each story is loosely based on family or friends who have been important in her whilst also trying to tell stories in an honest and gentle way, singing praise to things we have to celebrate in our lives. Possessing an affinity for the world of books, Molly often finds herself at bookshops, libraries, schools, and book festivals sharing interactive and engaging writing and storytelling workshops. She has also started a "My Favourite Books" podcast where she chats with young and old about individual and common book interests.

There are four Oscar the Ferry Cat Books in the series: Ferry Cat, Hebridean Cat, London Cat, and Italian Cat.

For your chance to win the series of books signed by Molly Arbuthnott, please enter details below:

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