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Customer Update - 'Waitlist' is changing to 'Advance Standby'

Customer Update: 'Waitlist' is changing to 'Advance Standby' 

From 16 May 2023, our 'Waitlist' facility will change to a new process called 'Advance Standby'.  

The introduction of Advance Standby follows the successful completion of our stakeholder consultation in October 2022, carried out in alignment with the Scottish Government's   Island Community Impact Assessment (ICIA). (Link to ICIA page - see below text). We will continue to review how this works over six and 12-month periods, replicating the ICIA process. 

Advance Standby  

Advance Standby supports improved deck space utilisation and those travelling for last-minute urgent or emergency travel needs, aligning with our existing emergency processes. 

As it currently stands, the 'Waitlist' only remains open until the day before travel, with all unconfirmed waitlists cancelled on the day of travel. Advance Standby will be available until 12 hours before travel, and customers using this service must meet certain criteria and make a refundable payment to join.  

The existing 'Standby' process (where a customer turns up on the day of travel and joins the Standby queue if they don't have a pre-booked ticket) will remain. 

See our frequently asked questions on Advance Standby and the changes.

Updated: 18 April 2023

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