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Ferries Community Board and Investment

Ferries Community Board Key Achievements

FCB Key Achievements Session 1 (2017-2019)

  1. The Board is now operating to provide regular feedback from communities to CalMac. The board has a good working relationship with management through board meetings, sub group meetings plus informing projects and problem solving.
  2. The Board has developed a working relationship with DML board through joint meetings.
  3. The Board has communication with the Transport Minister through six monthly meetings with the Community Board Chair. The Minister has also attended the board directly.
  4. The Board has a good working relationship with CMAL and Transport Scotland through board and sub-group meetings.
  5. The Board has gone out and about holding meetings in Dunoon, Mallaig, Cumbrae and Oban. We met with community groups and business interests as part of each visit.
  6. The Board members regularly attend Ferry Committees, Community Councils and other meetings in their respective areas. In addition, they attend wider meetings such as Ferry Summits. Board members relay information to their communities from CalMac and other players.
  7. Individual board members have engaged with younger stakeholders in their respective communities and fed back their priorities. The board support training and employment for young people from our communities with CalMac.
  8. The Board has lobbied for more resources for CalMac in terms of ferries and infrastructure making the case for greater community involvement in planning and system design. In particular the case was made for funds to be made available for the new ticketing system. This has been released and is underway. The board has offered assistance in ensuring we gain benefits from the new system (where possible) including recording unmet demand and identifying opportunities for growth.
  9. The board has strongly represented the views of and the consequences for communities of breakdowns,cancellations and reduced services and the urgent need for improvement. We believe our evidence has helped obtain additional funding for future proofing, better management of dry docking, better supply of parts and the establishment of a mobile team of engineers.
  10. Consultation feedback was provided on Future Transport Strategy, VRDP, Ferries Plan, Islands Plan and RET evaluation process.
  11. We have secured more (and clearly signaged) disabled seating and encouraged more engagement on specific health issues.
  12. We have encouraged and facilitated more local produce on our vessels and an easier path for suppliers to access the supply chain.
  13. We have promoted the CalMac Community Fund in our areas and also fought for more equitable fares for school trips. 
  14. We have engaged in the environmental agenda meeting with young campaigners and having regular updates from staff to board.
  15. Strengthening Communities Initiative: this event consisted of a number of successful business owners delivering workshops targeting individuals who were considering starting a new business. This concept provided a platform for engagement and also encouraged business networking across the Islands.
  16. The Board have also considered how mental health and the Rural Housing agenda could be facilitated through ferries.
  17. 2018 year of Young People. The Community Board came up with an initiative providing a discounted rate for YOYP ambassadors to travel on the network.
  18. Members have worked closely with CMAL and CalMac to encourage the provision of better facilities at remote ports.
  19. We have supported the publication of a new Pets Policy leaflet to create a better travelling environment for both pet owners and non-pet owners alike.
  20. The Board helped to implement a new 'single track road' leaflet to encourage safer use of single track roads. This is now available across the network.
  21. The Board is working with CalMac to procure a Socio - Economic study that will provide a wider evaluation of the socio-economic benefits to our communities and wider economy. This will look at effects on people's lives and decision making rather than only look at monetary value. 
  22. The Board created 3 sub groups which have targeted engagement with key partners on important issues:
  • Communications dealing with disruption comms, WiFi and timetables.
  • Customer Service dealing with quality and consistency of service and improving understanding of customer needs.
  • Fleet Deployment and resilience with key themes of vessel replacement and deployment, resulting operational issues and community needs feeding in to future planning. Engagement with CMAL concerning future vessel strategy proposals.

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