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Assistance for Foot Passengers

Assistance for Foot Passengers

If you are travelling as a foot passenger and require assistance boarding please contact our Customer Services team 48 hours prior to your journey. This will help us make sure someone is available to assist you in whichever way you need. 

When you request assistance from our Customer Services Team, you will be advised of the location of the Assistance Assembly Point within the port of departure and when you will need to arrive. Please remember that if you require assistance, you may need to arrive at the port earlier than the published check-in time. 

Once you arrive at the Assistance Assembly Point at the port, please let a member of staff know that you have arranged assistance. The appropriate member of staff will then come to assist you, your luggage and equipment onto the vessel where you will be boarded first. 

Port staff will help you to board by the most appropriate means for your needs; either with a wheelchair or as walking support. On some routes and vessels there may be a handover to our vessel staff to continue your boarding to a seat or area as requested. 

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