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Assistance for Passengers Travelling By Vehicle

Assistance for Passengers travelling by vehicle

If you are travelling by car or other vehicle and require assistance boarding please let us know about your requirements when you book your ticket. For non-bookable services or if your requirements change please contact our Customer Services Team at least 48 hours prior to your journey. 

When you arrive at the port, please make it known to our port staff at check-in that you require assistance. This may also be at the ticket kiosk or to the member of staff who is marshalling in the car lane. 

Please use this opportunity to advise us of additional help or support that you need, such as assistance to a seat or hearing impairments as our staff load the vessels by voice and hand signals, and on-board our safety announcements are made by audio system. We also ask you to activate your vehicle hazard warning lights whilst waiting in the car lane and driving onto the vessel so that our staff can easily identify you and make sure you are provided with the support you require. 

On board parking with easy proximity to the ship's lift is limited therefore it is necessary to reserve this when you book your ticket. You can also let us know by getting in touch with our Customer Services Team 48 hours in advance of your journey. Also, spaces with lift access are limited and there may be other passengers on the sailing that have reserved access to the lifts. In these situations, spaces will be reserved on a first-come, first served basis. This is why it's important to let us know in advance if you need any help to ensure we can accommodate your request as much as possible. 

It is unlikely we will be able to provide lift access for you if you are on a waiting list for a particular sailing, have not pre-booked lift access, or you have missed your booked sailing. Please speak with our staff at the port, or as you board the vessel to make sure we can accommodate your needs. If we are unable to provide a space with close proximity to a lift you may need to board the vessel as a foot passenger and your car will be loaded by one of our team. If you require assistance to board as a foot passenger a member of staff will be able to help you with this, either by providing a wheelchair or walking support. In the event that there is no Passenger Access System, it may be that you will access the ferry over the vehicle deck, with the assistance of a member of our team. 

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List for Assistance for Passengers Travelling By Vehicle

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