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Island Magic Awaits

Island Explorer Photography Checklist

Ahoy island explorers!

Image of three seals basking on a rock

As you get set to explore the islands, imagine all the creatures and ferries you'll spot along our beautiful Scottish coastlines. Don't forget to take your camera - capture some photographs of marine wildlife, beach treasures and friendly locals and share them with us on social media using #CalMacExplorers. Don't forget to ask a grown up for help.

Island Explorers Photography Checklist

  1. Sea Birds in Flight: Take a photo of a sea bird such as a seagull, gannet or oyster catcher. There are so many to  choose from on the west coast!

  2. Marine Mammals: Keep watch for seals, dolphins, porpoises and even whales breaching the waves. Try to capture a shot before they swim back under.

  3. Rock Pool Detectives: Search rock pools for tiny crabs, whelks, winkles, anemones, and other fascinating marine life. How many different species can you find? Take a photo for your collection.

  4. Seashell Treasure Hunt: Comb for beautiful seashells along the shorelines. Study the different shapes and colours and imagine the creatures that once lived inside. You might even find a hermit crab - snap, snap, snap... that photo.

  5. Local Grazers: Say hello to the friendly locals - sheep, cows, goats, ponies, pigs and even alpacas - there are so many friendly faces to photograph on your island adventure.

  6. Fantastic Ferries: Get your cameras at the ready for CalMac ferries which can be spotted up and down the west coast of Scotland - how many can you see on your island adventure?

Getting Social

We'd love to see photos from your island adventures -  ask a grown up to share your pics using #CalMacExplorers on social media and we'll share our favourites on the official CalMac Ferries page. You can check back here to see if your photo has been shared!

Happy adventuring, island explorers.


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