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Group Hospitality

For groups of more than 12 people we have a range of dedicated onboard hospitality packages to suit your requirements and budget. Whether you're looking for light refreshment, snacks or a three course meal, we offer a delicious range of tailored food and drink options.


Spend more time at your destination by taking advantage of our onboard hospitality and enjoy a meal en-route. Meals and refreshments are provided throughout the day on selected routes allowing your group to remain together on board and feel refreshed and refuelled for their onward journey.

Tailored Menu Options

You can choose from our standard menus or we can build a bespoke menu for your group that will provide a taste of some of the best produce that Scotland has to offer. We are also happy to discuss any dietary requirements your group may have to provide a suitable meal. Onboard hospitality provides a unique experience for your group whilst sailing to the Scottish islands.

Group Seating and Table Service

Our Retail Operations Department may be able to allocate a specific area of Mariners cafeteria or, on selected ships, arrange table service for your group. This will allow them to enjoy their meal and journey together.

Lunch on the Go

Organise a tasty lunch 'on the go' for your group, ideal to take away as a picnic for later in your journey. Our pre-order packed lunches can be tailored to order and collected on board.

Retail Vouchers

An excellent alternative to set menus are food and drink vouchers. The vouchers give your group flexibility to eat and drink what they want and when they want and are available in £5, £10, and £20 denominations.

For all Onboard Group Hospitality enquiries please contact our Retail Operations Department:




All cyclists, especially groups, are advised to either contact the port of departure, or call us direct on 0800 066 5000 or +44 1475 650397 (for international customers) before the day of travel to check availability of bicycle space.


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