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Episode 1 - Arran

Scottish Island Adventures: Arran with Kirsty Wark


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Just off the west-coast, Arran is one of Scotland's most accessible islands. Its location makes it ideal for a day-trip, mini-break, or extended stay and whether you want to roam the island's natural landscapes or browse the boutique shops, there is such a wide array of visitor attractions that you certainly won't get bored quickly!  

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Otter's Tail 

Hebridean Baker at Otter's Tail Arran

Before you set off on your own island adventure, consider using Otter's Tail who will make sure you're kitted out with the right equipment and an experienced guide to help you make the most of the island. They offer three different packages including sea-kayaking, hill-walking, and gorge-walking, so whatever side of the Arran you're into, Otter's Tail have got you covered.  

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Arran Dairies 

Hebridean Baker at Arran Diaries

Arran Dairies are behind the award-winning Arran Ice Cream, whose sensational flavours are made with milk straight from the island's only dairy farm. Products from Arran Dairies are high-quality and well worth a taste.  

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Brodick Castle 

Brodick Castle

Owned and looked after by the National Trust for Scotland, Brodick Castle is the perfect family day out. Have a look round the castle full of fascinating artefacts from paintings and period furniture to sporting trophies and learn about the castle's old inhabitants from the 16th century onwards. Alternatively you can explore Britain's only island country park complete with fairy trails, immaculate gardens, and cascading waterfalls. 

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Itinerary #1: Arran

The Isle of Arran, often referred to as 'Scotland in miniature', offers endless opportunities to explore.

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The island with everything, from walks and wildlife to golf, castles, wonderful island hospitality and local artisan cheese.

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