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Episode 10 - Stornoway

Scottish Island Adventures: Stornoway with Cathy MacDonald

Stornoway Harbour

Stornoway is the main town and port on Lewis and is accessed by a ferry from Ullapool on the mainland. Roughly a third of Lewis' total population live in Stornoway and the town has many facilities such as a sports complex and golf course to service the bustling community. At Lews castle you can find a wide variety of woodland walks and in the summer months visitors are able to take boat cruises around the waters. 

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Stornoway Black Pudding 

Stornoway Black Pudding

Stornoway Black Pudding is one of the most well-loved products to come out of Lewis. Having been designated a Protected Geographical Indicator of Origin in 2013, only Black Pudding made in Stornoway can give itself that title after a rise in 'imposter' Stornoway Black Puddings started putting farmers in Lewis out of business. Most of the black puddings only use beef suet, oatmeal, onion, blood, salt and pepper which gives it a unique flavour.  

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Museum Nan Eilean 

Lews Castle

Museum Nan Eilean can be found on the Lews Castle Grounds and is dedicated to the history and community of Lewis. There are three permanent exhibitions: Dùthchas (A Sense of Place, Eileanaich (The Islanders), and Blas nan Eilean (A Taste of the Islands). Entry to the museum is open all year round and is based on donations.  

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Ishga Seaweed  

Ishga seaweed

Ishga, taking its name from the Gaelic for water, is an award-winning luxury skincare brand.  

Four types of Hebridean seaweed are harvested for use in a wide variety of products with Hebridean Seaweed used specifically for its vitamins, bio-active minerals, and natural antioxidant properties.  

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