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Wemyss Bay (WEM) - Rothesay (ROT)

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Last Updated: 18 Sep 2020 20:26

Temporary timetable 1 July – 18 October

Winter Timetables

Food and Drink -

As part of our phased reopening of our food, drink and retail options, we are pleased to inform you that some further retail outlets on Clyde routes will be re-opening as of Monday 14 September.

The Coffee Cabin will be opening on MV Argyle and MV Bute between Wemyss Bay and Rothesay, serving breakfast rolls (until 11:30), soup, sandwiches, snacks, hot and cold drinks. No alcohol will be served.
Please be advised this is for foot passengers only, anyone traveling in vehicles will not be permitted to go to the coffee cabin as they must remain in their vehicles.

Travelling in a vehicle - All vehicle drivers MUST remain in their vehicles during the duration of the crossing. At this time, we have limited capacity due to physical distancing guidelines. On this particular route, passenger capacity on the vehicle deck is more constrained than in the accommodation lounges. Where possible, any vehicle passengers who are able to do so should board the vessel via the passenger gangway and stay in the passenger lounge during the crossing. This will allow us to carry more cars on each crossing and reduce potential wait times. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

When travelling on our 'turn up and go' routes, please: 

- Plan ahead as your first choice of sailing may not always be available. 

- Remember wait times may be extended.

- Capacity is constrained – please plan your journey with key workers and islanders in mind.

- Follow updated advice on how to travel safely.

- When paying for your ticket, please do so using a contactless method. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Apple, Google and Samsung pay.

Wemyss Bay Passenger Lift
- The Wemyss Bay Passenger Lift remains out of service.

Rothesay Lifts - Please be advised that Lift B is out of order in Rothesay Port.

Dangerous Goods vehicles will not be carried on this route until further notice and will need to travel via Colintraive.

Outside Seating
- A limited number of outside tickets may be available on the day of travel for this route – available from the port of departure. Please note these tickets are for outdoor seating only. They will only be available after indoor capacity has been filled and their availability will be dependent on weather forecasts. For this reason, in circumstances where outside tickets are available, they will be sold on a one-way basis.

Gourock Linkspan

Due to restrictions on the Gourock linkspan, in the event of the vessel being unable to berth at Wemyss Bay the service will divert to Gourock on a passenger only basis. Passengers will embark/disembark over the linkspan at Gourock so passengers with mobility issues can be accommodated. All vehicles will be diverted to the Rhubodach – Colintraive route and will be reimbursed for mileage for mileage up to 63 miles and the cost of the Western Ferries crossing. All passengers claiming the mileage must be in possession of a Rothesay – Wemyss Bay ticket which they can use on the Rhubodach – Colintraive crossing. Any claims submitted without the receipt for the Rothesay – Wemyss Bay ticket and Western Ferries ticket will be rejected.

Passengers travelling in a vehicle for which a commercial vehicle/coach ticket has been issued, are not entitled to be re-routed for the same ticket price, reimbursed for additional mileage cost incurred or to claim compensation, as these transactions are outside the provision of EU Regulation 1177/2010.

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