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Claonaig (CLA)/Tarbert (TLF) - Lochranza (LRA)

Be aware

Service updates

Sunday 9th May

Please be advised that the 17:05 from Lochranza and the 17:40 from Claonaig have both been cancelled due to the low tide.

Reason: weather conditions

Supplementary information

Last Updated: 08 May 2021 19:24

Travel Information

From 26 April, the remaining Scottish Government travel restrictions within Scotland will be lifted. Read our customer update to find out more.

When you are travelling, it is very important that you follow all our safety protocols, including maintaining strict physical distance.

Payment Information
- Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are not accepting cash payment for ticket transactions. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Apple, Google or Samsung Pay. If you need assistance, please speak with a member of staff.

We are operating a turn up and go service on this route, please:

- Remember wait times may be extended.

Travelling in a vehicle - All vehicle occupants MUST remain in their vehicles during the duration of the crossing.

- Please follow updated advice on how to travel safely.

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