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Oban (OBA) - Castlebay (CAS)

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Service updates

Friday 24th January 

Due to operational reasons, following a delay in overhaul elsewhere in the network, the following amended timetable will operate:

Depart Castlebay – 06:00 Arrive Oban – 10:50

Depart Oban – 13:30 Arrive Castlebay – 19:00

Due to maintenance work on Oban Linkspan No.2 the below amended timetables will operate:

Friday 31st January

The vessel is required to depart Castlebay 45 minutes earlier: 

Departs Castlebay 07:15

Arrives Oban 12:45 

Departs Oban 13:40 

Arrives Castlebay 19:10  

Sunday 26th, Monday 27th, Tuesday 28th, and Wednesday 29th January 

The vessel is required to depart Castlebay 70 minutes earlier: 

Departs Castlebay 06:50 

Arrives Oban 12:20 

Departs Oban 13:20 

Arrives Castlebay 18:50

Reason: operational

Last Updated: 23 Jan 2020 10:22

Supplementary information

Oban Linkspan No.2 Maintenance Work

As part of a preventative maintenance programme of works, Oban Linkspan No.2 will be removed from service from 23-JAN-20 for a 10 day period.

Throughout this period, Oban will utilise Linkspan No.1 only, which as a result will see a need for an amendment to schedules on some sailings. The specific details of these can be found here.

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