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Berneray (BER) - Leverburgh (LEV)

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Service updates

Friday 26th February and Saturday 27th February 

Due to a combination of tides and delay with overhaul, the following timetable will operate with MV Loch Bhrusda continuing service until 26 February.

Depart Berneray - 0730
Arrive Leverburgh - 0840

Depart Leverburgh - 0850
Arrive Berneray - 1000

Depart Berneray - 1510
Arrive Leverburgh - 1620

Depart Leverburgh
- 1630
Arrive Berneray - 1740

Please be advised the following sailings will be cancelled:

Friday 26th February

Depart Berneray - 1310
Depart Leverbrugh -1420

Saturday 27th February

Depart Berneray - 0940
Departs Leverburgh - 1420

Reason: other

Supplementary information

Last Updated: 26 Feb 2021 05:37

Monday 1st February - Saturday 27th February

Due to relief vessel M.V Loch Bhrusda operating on this route, reservations are essential due to reduced capacity.

Please see here tidal amendments for Winter 2020-2021

Payment Information - Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are not accepting cash payment for ticket transactions. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Apple, Google or Samsung Pay. If you need assistance, please speak with a member of staff.

Travelling in a vehicle - Due to limited passenger numbers on the vessel, all passengers MUST remain in their vehicles for the duration of this crossing.

- Please follow updated advice on how to travel safely.

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