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Small Isles Freight Service

Small Isles Freight Form

Small Isles Freight Service Form

If you are planning to ship freight over 25kg or over 1m in length but under 25kg between Mallaig and the Small Isles, please complete the Small Isles Freight Form to notify the freight team of your intention and to provide details of the item you need to transport.

Filling out the form

  • We understand that some information will not be known about your freight at the time of filling out the form, however, please try to provide as many accurate details and as much information as you can about the weight, dimensions, and quantity of the freight, otherwise we may not be able to guarantee acceptance if the freight is not able to be stored or shipped within our restrictions. 

  • If you don't have all the details and information available at the time of filling out the form, please follow up with the freight team as soon as you have them. Having the most accurate information about your freight items helps us check they can be accommodated, and to plan for their storage and shipment, where possible.

  • Please review and refer to the Freight List to assist you in filling out the form.

  • If the item you require to be shipped is not included on the freight list, you will need to check with our freight team first to check whether it can be shipped. Or select 'other' on the form and provide detail of the freight item, the freight team will review the item and follow up with you if there are any issues. Wherever possible, the team will accommodate your request, but they are restricted by the 1 tonne per customer weight limit and on occasion, the dimensions of items which may not fit in vehicles. 

Complete the Small Isles Freight Service Form here

You can still notify us if you can't use the form

If you are not able to access the form, please contact our freight team by emailing or calling  01475 650 164 . This team can deal with shipment between Small Isles and Mallaig only. If you have a query about another location, please contact the relevant port of departure.

Please have the following details ready: 

  • The island the freight is being delivered/collected 

  • Name of person making freight notification

  • Freight category - refer to freight list

  • Freight item - refer to freight list

  • Item quantity  

  • Item dimensions 

  • Item weight 

  • Supplier name, if known

  • Courier name, if known 

  • Estimated expected delivery date 

  • Any other additional details about freight item.  

Record of your notification

If you would like to save a copy of your form responses, please submit the form, then select the option to retrieve a copy to save as a PDF for your own records.

Complete the Small Isles Freight Service Form here

Please be aware - this process is for transporting freight to the Small Isles only. Should you need to speak to us about freight or commercial vehicles for another destination, please contact the relevant port of departure. Contact details can be found on our timetable pages

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