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Small Isles Freight Service

Notification of Freight

Notification of freight  

Freight notification using the Small Isles Freight Form is required for shipment for items over 25kg to and from the Small Isles. It helps customers get the most from the freight service as the freight team can manage the freight more efficiently. Where the process is not followed, these items may not be delivered, as freight notifications made using this process will take priority over them.  

  • A freight notification is required for all items over 25kg and on occasion where items might not be over 25kg but are over 1m in length.   

  • If you are not sure if an item is over 25kg or if it is over 1m in length, please err on the side of caution and notify us as this will help the freight team plan and prepare for the storage and delivery of freight.  

  • Freight notification must be made as soon as possible after items have been ordered or at the latest 48 hours prior to the expected delivery to Mallaig or collection from a Small Isle. Food goods will be taken with 24 hours' notice if required. 

  • The maximum weight limit of each consignment must not exceed a tonne. 

  • To notify the freight team please use the Small Isles Freight Form.

Please note - this process is for transporting freight to the Small Isles only. Should you need to speak to us about freight or commercial vehicles for another destination, please contact the relevant port of departure. Contact details can be found on our timetable pages

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