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Frequent Traveller

Frequent Traveller  

If you're a frequent traveller on our Turn Up and Go routes, you can purchase 10-journey tickets, single or return tickets for your travel needs. Find out more about our standard ticket types.

10 journey tickets at a glance

You can purchase 10-journey tickets online for all of our Turn Up and Go routes. This can be done, in digital form issued via email and then accessible through your online account. If you don't already have an online account, you will require an account online to purchase 10-journey tickets. This will allow you to access your QR code. The validity period on these tickets will be until the end of the current timetable period in which they were purchased.

They will also remain available as a paper ticket issued by a port or vessel. Please note you won't be able to purchase 10 journey tickets as concessions, blue badge vehicles, trailers or caravans/motorhomes or for pets and equipment, for example bikes, kayaks. 

10-journey tickets for the next timetable period will be available for sale close to the beginning of the forthcoming timetable period. Please remember that they cannot be used until the new timetable period begins. For summer 2024, this will run from 29 March - 20 October 2024.  

Sign up for a customer account

If you've not already done so, signing up for a customer account is beneficial, especially if you travel and purchase tickets regularly. Using your customer account, you can purchase tickets online and save details including your route and vehicle details, ready for your next journey with us.

Tickets withdrawn from sale:

We recently updated the ticketing options for multi-journey options, and the following tickets were withdrawn from sale:  

  • 5 journey flexi ticket

  • 10 journey flexi ticket

  • one month season ticket

  • 12-month season ticket  

  • 6-month season ticket  

  • 3-month season ticket  

  • 'Bucket-shop' 10-journey ticket (Dunoon-Gourock) 

  • 5-day return ticket  

  • 50-journey ticket  

  • Sail and rail tickets 

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