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Passenger Assistance Video Transcript

Welcome Aboard!  Failte...

Hello and welcome to Caledonian MacBrayne.

Whether you are sailing with CalMac for the first time or you a regular passenger, we wish you a pleasant journey.

Failte! Welcome Aboard!

Please watch this video - it takes only a few minutes and please also listen out for important announcements on the public address system during the crossing.

Assistance is available to passengers with reduced mobility. It's best to contact us 48 hours before departure so we can arrange this.

A male customer walks up to the ticket desk and speaks to a CalMac member of staff.
They both say hi.
Customer: I'm looking for the passenger assistance meeting point please.
CalMac employee: If you take a seat over there (points to seating area) someone will come and help you.
They both say thanks.


There is a passenger assistance meeting point in port offices. CalMac staff will help those who require assistance safely on and off the ships.

Even if you can't make the request in advance we will always do our best to help. Here are the details to make a request.

Call: 0800 066 5000 Option 4


On larger ships like the Caledonian Isles there is a lift to and from the car deck for anyone who has difficulty climbing stairs.

You can request to be parked near the lift and to have extra space to get out of your car.

Please do this when you book.

Please do take special car when you go up and down the stairs onboard.  Due to the ship's design they are often quite steep.

Larger ships have a reserved seating area.

You can find emergency and lifejacket instructions at several points on board. A green and white sign with arrows pointing inwards shows you are at an assembly station. It's important to know where assembly stations are and how to get there.

When you are on board please do take time to read the emergency instructions. If there is an emergency during the crossing you'll hear seven or more short blasts on the ship's whistle followed by one long blast. And alarm bells will also sound.

If the emergency signal sounds go to an assembly station and please stay calm and always follow instructions from crew members.

Here's what to do when asked to don a lifejacket. Place it over your head. Pass the belt behind your back.  There is a clip at the front to secure it. There is a light and whistle to help you attract attention. The type of life jacket will vary for each class of ship, but there are instructions on every vessel.

Please supervise your children all the time you are on board. Please don't let them run around - it's for their own safety and the comfort of other passengers.

If passengers with reduced mobility require help on and off the ship a crew member will be on hand to assist.

To contribute to the review of our services please complete a customer feedback form available on board and in Port Offices or on our website via

Remember to look after bags and luggage. It's best to keep everything with you or leave bags in the ship's luggage areas. Please, if you see anything you think is suspicious do tell a member of the crew.

Thank you and once again we wish you a pleasant journey!


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