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Travelling with pets

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Pet Areas

Pets travel free of charge. Whilst we welcome pets on board, owners should take into consideration the length of the crossing as pet areas vary from ship to ship. 

Designated Pet Areas

On most of our ships pets are allowed access to all outside passenger areas. Many of our larger ships have internal pet areas with seating provided for owners. When inside, passengers travelling with pets should remain in these areas. On some ships pets are not permitted inside. 

For health, hygiene and safety reasons, pets must not be allowed to sit on seats; they are not permitted in certain lounges within the ship or areas where food and/or drinks are served. 

Support Dogs

Support dogs  are allowed access to all passenger areas.  

Travelling with Pets 

If you are travelling by car, it is recommended that all pets are left inside vehicles for the duration of the journey. Please make sure that appropriate provisions, including water and ventilation, are made for pets left in cars, taking into account the weather conditions and the length of the journey. On a number of ships, unrestricted access to the car deck is not permitted whilst at sea.

However, on longer journeys arrangements can be made for you to be accompanied to the car deck to visit your pet. Just speak to a member of crew and they will arrange this for you. 

If you choose not to leave your dog in the car or you are travelling as a foot passenger, please be aware that ships can be busy and noisy and some vibration may be experienced during the journey. As a result of this, and being in a confined space, dogs can become agitated whilst on board. Passengers are advised to stay with their dogs at all times, other than when they are left in a vehicle, and to keep them calm and quiet. Please keep dogs on a harness or collar and lead at all times. 

Other passengers may not be aware of your dog's temperament whilst travelling and may approach it. You may wish to consider, for the safety of your dog and other passengers, muzzling your dog before boarding the ship. 

It is CalMac's aim to make journeys as safe and comfortable as possible for all our passengers. Please take due care and show consideration for everyone on board.

For more information download our Pet Policy, email, or speak with any member of staff or crew.

Pet Policy [74KB]

Special Arrangements

Where special arrangements would be helpful to owners i.e. storing a pet in an RSPCA  approved pet carrier or similar apparatus, provided by the owner, a location may be identified on the ship by prior arrangement with the port of departure. Owners should contact the port of departure at least seven days in advance of travel.

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