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How do I check in at Gourock for a diverted sailing?

Tickets should already be purchased in advance when travelling from our Gourock port on a diverted sailing. Should you still require tickets, these can be purchased either via our website, or by phoning our Customer Engagement Centre.

Foot passengers 

There is a ticket office at Gourock which is situated in the waiting room at the terminal. The ticket office is only open during times of disruption, however the waiting room is open outwith disruption. This waiting room provides shelter for foot passengers and allows disrupted customers to get their tickets printed prior to boarding.  



There is a ticket booth located at the top of the car lanes at Gourock port - all vehicle passengers should proceed to this booth in order to have their tickets printed. Vehicles will be ushered into the appropriate car lane prior to boarding. 

If any passengers require further support, please don't hesitate to approach available staff who will be more than happy to clarify any queries. 


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