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Why change from Waitlist to Advance Standby? What's the benefit?

The primary reason is to facilitate better deck space utilisation. There are currently no limitations to the number of sailings a customer can be waitlisted for at any one time and usually these waitlisted customers are booking far in advance of when they require to travel. This results in any possible available space being filled with waitlisted customers meaning that last minute urgent or emergency travel needs are not always able to be met.  

Often the waitlisted process is favourable to holiday makers/day trippers who book in advance and we recognise that this can result in islanders missing out on the opportunity for available space when they require it for last minute for lifeline needs such as deliveries of perishable foods, urgent appointments or trying to reach family who are critically ill or for funerals. We must still maintain a fair approach and recognise that non-island travellers still need to travel and that island businesses may be impacted by those unable to travel, therefore these factors were considered as part of the consultation process.  

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