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What will the criteria be in order to qualify for Advance Standby?

  • Vehicles carrying time-critical food or shellfish 

  • Emergency response, medical and military vehicles 

  • Customers with urgent medical appointments (excluding where NHS protocol applies) 

  • Close family critical Illness, death or funerals 

  • Urgent vet appointments 

  • Vehicle bookings impacted by service disruption 

  • CalMac operations: critical travel during incident management. 

  • Hospitality - customers with confirmed accommodation bookings on the island (proof must be given) 

  • Offshore workers returning home  

  • Council response vehicle bookings - i.e., replacement/additional gritting vehicles (only in times of inclement weather) and landslip repairs, burials, social care requirements (emergency/urgent appointments) and education requirements (supply teachers travelling to and from school). 

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