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Enjoy our tasty Winter Warmers this season

with a rich peppercorn sauce


Whether you're grabbing a hot drink to recharge from the Coffee Cabin or you're settling down for the journey to enjoy a hot dish in the Mariner's, we've got just the ticket.

Our soups - created by the Scottish Soup Company - will vary from day to day. However, each recipe: from Chicken and Rice to Country Vegetable and Scotch Broth, are based on traditional Scottish recipes you'd find bubbling away in the soup pot on the stove at home. Combine it with a baguette - all the best local provenance in a freshly baked French baguette, freshly made on board.

soup and baguette bundle for winter warmers campaign

Anytime we put pen to paper to tell you more about our food, our Mac and Cheese has to be on the list. It remains one of our most popular items. More than fifty thousand servings of it are ordered each year. Each one is freshly prepared on board using Lockerbie cheddar, which itself is carefully crafted in a timeless fashion. We add in some Arran Mustard, made on Arran to a traditional recipe, capturing the unique taste of the island. 

Our famous 'CalMac & Cheese' with Lockerbie cheddar

Options like our chilli hot dog are more recent additions - which underscore our same commitment to provenance and quality. The gourmet hot dog is sourced from Brigston & Co - an independent maker from Dumfries and Galloway who have developed a unique, hand-crafted smoked hotdog from Scottish Farm Assured beef and pork. As they say themselves, they are on a mission to change the perception of the hotdog - and they have created something brilliant with this product.

Gourmet chilli hot dog and skin on fries

Add in a serving of chilli made with excellent Scottish beef and a portion of fries, cooked with their skins on for extra flavour, and seasoned with traditional Scottish sea salt from Blackhorn Salt in Ayrshire - and you have a perfect winter warmer dish. Blackthorn Scottish Sea Salt is made by salters Gregorie and Malky - using sustainable, patient, gentle and age-old methods in Scotland's only graduation thorn tower, from 100% west coast sea water and nothing else. It's a real taste of nature.

And one sure way to hold on to the cosy, warm west coast feeling you gain from having a meal with us on board is to take home one of our new west coast themed hoodies. That way you'll feel warm and fuzzy long after you've left the ferry.

Black Cullins Hoodie back view

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