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Weight declarations - what do I need to be aware of before I travel?


If you are intending to ship an abnormal load i.e. over 44 tonnes, over 18 metres in length, 2.58 metres in width, 4.57 metres in height and/or having an axle weight over 10.5 tonnes, please contact the port of departure to discuss your travel arrangements and any documentation you may require to present before you travel. 

If required, commercial vehicle drivers must produce a written declaration at the time of shipment that includes:

  • A general description of the cargo

  • The Gross Vehicle Mass

  • Details of any relevant special properties of the cargo

Vehicles travelling on services from Oban, Stornoway, Ullapool and Kennacraig don't need this declaration as they will be weighed at the port. However, a description of cargo and relevant special properties must be given at time of weighing. We reserve the right to weigh vehicles and trailers at any port.  

Craignure linkspan has weight restrictions. Please check with the port when booking your space. Vehicles exceeding 44 tonnes must have prior written permission from Argyll and Bute Council. This can be obtained from:

Download a  weight declaration form [52KB] .

If you are transporting a mobile crane, please provide prior notification to the port of departure before travel.  

Commercial vehicle and light goods vehicle operators are reminded that it is the responsibility of the operator and the driver to ensure that the vehicle is not loaded over and above the plated weight. Vehicles in excess of their plated weight will be refused shipment. Any vehicle weighing over 3.5 tonnes will be charged as a commercial vehicle for the purpose of shipment.

Before you travel
We recommend checking your route to and from the port before travel, as certain roads may have height and weight restrictions.

The MV Argyle & MV Bute which operate on the Wemyss Bay to Rothesay route have a restriction in place of 2 wheel axle - 8 tonnes and 4 wheel axle - 14 tonnes.  Please check with the port of departure before travel. 

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