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Gourock to Dunoon Passenger Service FAQs

CalMac Ferries are pleased to be a part of ensuring continuity of service for our customers on this route.

Below is a short series of FAQs on this transition to assist customers.

Q1. What is happening with the Argyll Ferries Limited (AFL) contract on the Gourock - Dunoon route?

A1. As announced by the Scottish Government on 12 December 2018, the AFL contract will transition into the existing CalMac Ferries Limited (CFL) CHFS2 contract

Q2. When will this be happening?

A2. The transition will take place as of 21 January 2019.

Q3. Will there be any changes to the current service?

A3. We have been advised by Transport Scotland that the service will remain unchanged upon transfer.  They have also said that following the transfer, further consideration will be given to future vessel and service requirements to ensure we are best placed to deliver a safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable ferry service into the future.

Q4. So the timetables and ticket arrangements will stay the same?

A4. The same timetable and ticketing arrangements which are currently in place will remain.  For customer who may have season tickets they will see no change.

Q5. Will you continue to use the same vessels and staff?

A5. Yes, we will continue to use the same vessels and staff on this route.  However, we do intend to make branding changes to the vessels and uniforms which will see a change over to the CalMac Ferries branding.    

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