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Are there any potential hazards I need to be aware of?


Ferries are different from many other forms of transport as they have metal floors on outside areas and many will have wooden floors on interior sections. There may also be raised or sunk lashing points and other trip hazards - watch your step at all times and use designated walkways where provided. Having the right footwear will cut the chances of having a slip, especially on wet days. We don't recommend wearing flip flops, cycling shoes or high heels on board.

Also, stairways may be steeper than you're used to, so make sure you hold on to the handrail. Some doorways have raised sills - take care not to trip.

Strong winds that cause the ferry to move can also cause external doors to close suddenly. Please keep your hands clear of door enclosures.

Download our Passenger Safety Checklist before your travel.  Passenger Safety Checklist [166KB]

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