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Will I receive confirmation of my booking?

Yes, when you book or pre-purchase your tickets with us, either online, over the telephone or in person at the port, we will send a confirmation to your email address. This will include an eTicket with a QR code which you'll use to board the ferry.

Wherever possible, bring your eTicket on your device. When you present it at the port or onboard, the QR code will be scanned by our port staff or crew. This is the quickest and easiest way for our teams to get you on board, especially during busy periods. 

If you prefer to print your e-ticket at home prior to travel, please print tickets single-sided i.e., one ticket per page, ensuring the QR code(s) is/are clear.

If you have not received your eTicket immediately after booking, and you have a gmail or apple account, please check your spam/junk folder.

*Updated 2 February 2024  

We have identified an issue where some customer bookings were not completed due to a drop in connectivity during the booking and payment process with WorldPay.  

If customers encounter this issue, the booking will be automatically identified in the system and completed. Please allow 1hr:10 minutes for your booking confirmation and eTicket to arrive in your account. Ordinarily, this will happen immediately, and within 1hr:10 minutes as a maximum. Should you need assistance, our teams will be happy to help you.  

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