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When do I pay for travel?

Payment for travel is taken at the time of booking.

Wherever you can, purchase tickets for your journey in advance of travel. You can book tickets for our routes online at any time, or via our Customer Engagement Centre or ports, during opening hours. 

We have two types of routes on the network:  

Our bookable routes - on these routes you will need to book travel in advance, and in so doing, you'll be purchasing a ticket for a particular sailing / time.

Our Turn Up and Go routes - we encourage you to purchase a ticket in advance of travel, in so doing, you'll be purchasing an 'open' ticket valid for the season in which you've purchased it but it won't have a specific sailing time. When making your purchase for Turn Up and Go routes - specifically single, return and journeys on 10 journey tickets, please keep in mind that these tickets are valid for the season in which you've purchased them. They cannot be amended and cannot be used outside the timetable period you have bought them in. They are also non-refundable. Plan ahead as your first choice of sailing may not always be available. There may also be an extended wait time for your journey.   

When booking online or via the telephone, please use your payment card of choice, however, please note we no longer accept American Express.

When at our ports, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Apple, Google and Samsung Pay. For online bookings and telephone payment, methods are credit cards and debit cards. Please note that cheques are no longer accepted. 

Travelling in a group
If you're purchasing tickets for a group or multiple travel companions, please note that the entire party must travel together. This applies to both legs of your journey. If you're not certain whether all members of your group will be travelling together, we recommend completing separate transactions online.

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