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How long are my tickets valid for?

Bookable routes

Single, round trip and multiple trip tickets for bookable routes will be valid for the specific sailing that you have booked. 

Customers can also amend bookings free of charge up to check-in closing, and this can be done online.

Turn Up and Go routes

Tickets on Turn Up and Go routes will be valid for the full, current season in which you purchased it in (winter or summer timetable period). When you pre-purchase a ticket for our Turn up and Go routes, you'll be purchasing an 'open ticket' for a chosen departure date, but it won't have a specific sailing time - just turn up at your port of departure and depart on the next available sailing. We encourage you to plan ahead as your first choice of sailing may not always be available and wait times may be extended. 

If a customer does not use their ticket within the season, then the full fare will be lost.

Ticket validity, Turn Up and Go routes - When making your purchase for Turn Up and Go routes - specifically single, return and journeys on 10-journey tickets, please keep in mind that these tickets are valid for the season in which you've purchased them. They cannot be amended and cannot be used outside the timetable period you have bought them in. They are also non-refundable. 

Purchasing tickets online? - For 10-journey tickets specifically, select S24 (Summer 2024) valid for use from 29 March - 20 October 2024.  

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