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Do you offer discounts for vehicles of Blue Badge Holders?

A 25% discount is available on the price of a vehicle ticket (car/motorhome/motorbike) for customers who hold a blue badge issued by - however, the discount applies to the vehicle and does not apply to the passenger/driver ticket. All European Union Blue Badges will be accepted and receive the discounted fare.

Your Blue Badge concession can be added to your online account, and when making a booking online, prior to travel, you can select this option - meaning the discount is applied. You no longer have to call or visit the port office. Of course, you can still make your reservation this way if you wish, but it is no longer a necessity.

To qualify for the discount the blue badge holder must be travelling. The blue badge must be carried at the time of travel and presented when requested. If the blue badge is not presented then the full fare will apply.

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