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Explore Scotland's enchanting west coast with CalMac Ferries, hopping between picturesque islands like Mull, Islay, and Skye. Discover rugged landscapes, charming villages, and rich history on your island-hopping adventure.

List for itineraries

Itinerary #1: Arran

The Isle of Arran, often referred to as 'Scotland in miniature', offers endless opportunities to explore.

Itinerary #1: Arran: Find out more

Itinerary #2: Barra, Vatersay and Eriskay

Although small, these destinations are long famed for their beautiful beaches, machair and rolling hills.

Itinerary #2: Barra, Vatersay and Eriskay: Find out more

Itinerary #3: Bute

A Scottish gem with historic castles, scenic beaches, and vibrant gardens, perfect for a peaceful island retreat.

Itinerary #3: Bute: Find out more

Itinerary #4: Harris

A rugged paradise in Scotland's Outer Hebrides, famed for its stunning beaches, dramatic landscapes, and rich culture.

Itinerary #4: Harris: Find out more

Itinerary #5: Islay

Known for its peaty whisky, stunning coastline, birdlife, and ancient ruins, offering a unique Scottish island experience.

Itinerary #5: Islay: Find out more

Itinerary #6: Lewis

Home to prehistoric sites, breathtaking beaches, traditional culture, and the iconic Callanish Standing Stones in Scotland's Outer Hebrides.

Itinerary #6: Lewis: Find out more

Itinerary #7: Mull

A rugged paradise off Scotland's west coast, boasting diverse wildlife, charming villages, and stunning landscapes to explore.

Itinerary #7: Mull: Find out more

Itinerary #8: Skye

Majestic landscapes, including the iconic Cuillin mountains, fairy pools, and historic castles, await on Scotland's largest island.

Itinerary #8: Skye: Find out more

Itinerary #9: South Uist

Tranquil beaches, rich Gaelic heritage, wildlife reserves, and traditional crofting communities define this Outer Hebridean gem.

Itinerary #9: South Uist: Find out more
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