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Foot passenger refunds and amendments


Scenario: Vehicle bookings vs passenger bookings

Q: I am travelling as a foot passenger on a bookable sailing, will I still fall under the amendment/refund criteria?

A: Yes. If the ticket price is £10 or less, no refund is due, and no £10 admin fee will be charged. If the foot passenger ticket costs more than £10, the customer will gain a refund minus the £10 charge. Customers can still amend for free as detailed here.

Scenario: Foot passenger tickets on vehicle bookings

Q: Why are no refunds given when a passenger is removed from my vehicle booking? 

A: The cancellation policy only applies if the entirety of the booking is cancelled. Individual product removal is an amendment and will not trigger cancellation fees. A refund will be provided if the passenger product is removed before the sailing departs. 

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