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There's a new way to explore Scotland's amazing islands with the  Scottish Islands Passport app.The free app uses local knowledge to match your interests with the diverse and unique experiences on 72 of Scotland's inhabited islands to find your next island adventure. Whether it's history, nature, food and drink, the arts or outdoor activities which float your boat, with over 700 island experiences, the Scottish Islands Passport is guaranteed to have something to pique your interest. As well as guiding you to the best local sources for practical information on planning your trip, the app lets you save your favourite islands into a wish list for future travel, collect passport stamps for the islands you visit, and save and share your holiday snaps in your very own travelogue.

Hidden gems

The Scottish Islands Passport is deliberately designed to showcase some of Scotland's lesser-known islands alongside their more famous neighbours, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to uncover hidden gems. Discover Easdale with its wheelbarrow haulage service and abandoned slate quarries which host the annual Stone Skimming World Championships; explore the old tracks of Ulva and find out more about how the community is slowly breathing life back into the island after a community buy out; or check out Lismore with its Dutch bakery and seaweed foraging expeditions. Further afield the passport is designed to introduce you to island archipelagos you may not have explored... yet!  But the passport also helps you uncover hidden gems on islands you already know. Get tips from locals about the best bird spotting locations on Tiree, Islay's top swimming spots, the best of Mull's local produce, and more.

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Local by design

The app is part of a project which is designed to keep island communities at its heart and the small project team (based on Jura) have worked with islanders across the 72 islands to gather local information to help you plan your trip. The team are continuing to work with islanders and plan to add new sections to the app in 2022 which showcase unique stories from the islands and offer visitors the opportunity to donate to local charities.


Collect memories

As you travel round our islands you can use the app to collect passport 'stamps' which have been beautifully designed by island artists to reflect a unique aspect of island life. The travel journal also lets you save photos from your trips to share with others or simply use as a reminder of your island adventures.However you choose to use your Passport, it is the perfect way to help you explore more of Scotland's incredible islands throughout the year. And, if you are hanker for the nostalgia of a good, old fashioned travel journal, watch this space for news of our themed paper-based Passports which will give you a jumping off point for exploring our islands based on your interests, allowing you to collect stamps as you go!

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