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Harris Distillers

Harris Distillers

Harris is of course home to the Isle of Harris distillery and the award-winning Harris Gin, created by five local distillers. Its whisky offering, 'The Hearach' will revive the tradition of whisky distilling after a 170 year hiatus. Isle of Harris Gin arrived on the scene five years ago. Every drop is made in Tarbert on Harris in a gin still named 'The Dottach' - after a local feisty character who once lived in the village. The key ingredient is sugar kelp seaweed, gathered from local sea lochs, sealed in that now recognisable bottle. 

Their tours take you behind the scenes to witness the heart of the distilling operation guided by knowledgeable local staff, each tour will bring you closer to island life, deepening your appreciation of the distillery and how we make our spirits here in the Isle of Harris.

You'll enjoy a unique, sensory exploration of our work as you nose and taste whisky and gin, learn about flavours on a Harris Tweed abacus and delve into jars of botanicals and bowls of jellybeans!

You'll learn about our island elements and get to see distillers at work, feel the warm glow of copper stills in the Spirit Hall and explore the Private Casks and The 1,916 Stave Wall in our on-site warehouse.

Tours are priced at £12.00 per person (inclusive of whisky and gin samplings) and last one hour and fifteen minutes. Children (5 - 18 years) welcome at £6.00 per person. Children under 5 are not permitted for safety reasons. 

As tour spaces are limited to 12 people, advance booking is highly recommended.

Please call +44 (0)1859 502212 to book.

For more details on Harris visit our destination page.


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