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Browser Compatibility
The site design is fully compatible with the following browsers:


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (latest version). For further information on Internet Explorer, please see the Microsoft website.

  • Firefox (latest version). For further information on Firefox, please see the Firefox website.

  • Chrome (latest version). For further information on Chrome, please see the Google Chrome website.

  • Safari (latest version). For further information on Safari, please see the Apple website.

Windows Mobile 


  • Default browser and Chrome (latest version) on the last two major releases of Android. For further information on the latest Android version, please see the Android website.

Apple iOS

  • Safari on the last two versions of iOS. For further information on the latest Android version, please see the Apple website.

Browsers and operating systems not listed above may display the site correctly, but full compatibility is not guaranteed.

Service Status & Info page - when viewing with Microsoft Internet Explorer V9 or older this page will not automatically refresh. To update the page, please do a hard refresh by holding down the ctrl key and pressing F5. Firefox and Chrome will both update automatically.


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